Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983 is the MoMA’s newest exhibition that celebrates the artistic collaboration and experimentation in New York City that happened at a very special time and place in history. Located in a basement on St. Mark’s Place, Club 57 was the home base for a myriad of counterculture artists such as Keith Haring, Ann Magnuson and Joey Arias, to come together to create works in film, photography, fashion, performance art and music. The wide variety of art that was created at Club 57 will be on display in this show and according to the website, most of these have not been seen since the 80’s. We’d love a time machine to go back and experience Club 57 ourselves, however this exhibit is sure to give us some inspirational satisfaction for many years into the future!

October 31, 2017- April 1, 2018
For more information visit the MoMA website.